5 Tips to Prevent Hair Shedding in Akita Dogs

by Lisa

Akita dogs, with their majestic double coats, are undeniably stunning. However, the inevitable shedding that comes with their luxurious fur can be a concern for many owners. Fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we uncover five effective tips to prevent excessive hair shedding in Akita dogs. From grooming practices to dietary considerations, discover how to maintain your Akita’s coat while keeping your home relatively fur-free.

Grooming an Akita Regularly with the Right Tools

Effective grooming lies at the heart of managing Akita shedding. Regular brushing with the right tools not only removes loose hair but also promotes a healthier coat and skin. Invest in quality brushes designed for double-coated breeds, such as slicker brushes and undercoat rakes. Start with the outer coat, gently removing tangles and loose fur. Move on to the dense undercoat, ensuring you reach the downy hair close to the skin. Consistent grooming, at least a few times a week, significantly reduces shedding by keeping the coat in optimal condition.


Visit the Professional Groomer

While regular at-home grooming is crucial, a visit to a professional groomer provides an added layer of expertise. Professional groomers possess the skills and tools to address shedding effectively. They can perform deshedding treatments, which often involve specialized shampoos and conditioners designed to reduce shedding. Additionally, groomers have the experience to identify any underlying skin issues that might contribute to excessive shedding. A periodic trip to the groomer can complement your at-home efforts, ensuring your Akita’s coat remains healthy and shedding is minimized.


Feed Your Akita the Proper Diet

The saying “you are what you eat” holds true for our furry friends as well. A well-balanced, nutritious diet plays a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy coat and minimizing shedding. Ensure your Akita’s diet includes high-quality dog food rich in essential nutrients, including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These fatty acids support skin health and contribute to a shiny, lustrous coat. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the best diet for your Akita’s specific needs, taking into account factors such as age, weight, and overall health.


Keep Your Dog Well Hydrated

Proper hydration is often underestimated in its impact on shedding. Adequate water intake is essential for overall health, including coat hydration. A well-hydrated Akita is less likely to experience dry skin, which can contribute to increased shedding. Ensure your dog has access to fresh, clean water at all times, especially during warmer seasons. If your Akita’s shedding seems excessive or if you notice signs of dehydration, consult your veterinarian for guidance on maintaining optimal hydration levels.


Whatever You Do, Don’t Shave

One common misconception is that shaving an Akita can help control shedding. However, this is a myth that can lead to unintended consequences. The double coat of an Akita serves as insulation, regulating their body temperature in both hot and cold weather. Shaving can disrupt this natural insulation, potentially exposing your Akita to temperature-related issues. Moreover, the double coat is designed to shed seasonally, and shaving does not alter this natural shedding process. Embrace your Akita’s beautiful coat, and focus on proper grooming and care rather than resorting to shaving.


In conclusion, managing shedding in Akita dogs involves a holistic approach that encompasses grooming practices, professional care, proper nutrition, hydration, and debunking common myths. By incorporating these five tips into your Akita care routine, you can strike a balance between enjoying your dog’s luxurious coat and minimizing the impact of shedding on your home. Remember, a well-groomed and healthy Akita not only looks stunning but also feels great, ensuring a happy and comfortable life for your beloved canine companion.


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