Rescue Dog Finds New Home After Almost a Year at RSPCA Centre

by Lisa

After nearly a year of waiting, Stanley, a rescue dog described as a “gentle giant,” has finally found his forever home in Wiltshire, 180 miles away from the RSPCA centre in Derbyshire where he had been residing.

When Stanley was rescued in May 2023, he was suffering from infected ears, fur loss, and wounds caused by self-trauma. However, thanks to the efforts of the RSPCA and the love of his new owners, Nikki Farbrother and her husband Crispin, Stanley’s life has taken a turn for the better.


Mrs. Farbrother expressed her immediate connection with Stanley upon seeing his picture, stating, “As soon as I saw the picture of Stanley I fell in love with him because he’s just so gorgeous.” She was deeply moved by the fact that Stanley had spent almost a year in kennels, emphasizing that “no dog deserves to be in kennels for that long.”


The Farbrothers, who had previously volunteered with Guide Dogs for the Blind, decided to provide a permanent home for a dog of their own. Their son, who was also looking to adopt a dog, directed Mrs. Farbrother to Stanley’s profile after coming across an Akita named Snow available for adoption at the RSPCA Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.


Following an emotional connection with Stanley’s story, Mrs. Farbrother wasted no time in reaching out to the centre, completing the necessary forms, and arranging a visit with her husband to meet Stanley in person. Overwhelmed by Stanley’s gentle nature, they made the decision to bring him home the same day.


Describing Stanley as a “loveable, gentle giant” who adores sitting on laps and seeking affection, Mrs. Farbrother expressed their delight at providing Stanley with a loving home.

Stanley’s adoption marks a heartwarming success story for the RSPCA centre, where staff had tirelessly cared for him during his 341 days of waiting. Overcoming past hardships, including living in unsuitable conditions and suffering from separation anxiety, Stanley’s journey to finding a loving family has inspired tears of happiness among the centre’s staff.

Reflecting on Stanley’s adoption, a spokesperson for the centre expressed their joy, stating, “We never gave up looking for a home for Stanley, we knew the right family was out there waiting to find him and they were. No one deserves this more, and we wish Stanley and his new family lots of happy and fun-filled adventures.”


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