Tammin Sursok Issues Urgent Warning After Daughter’s Dog Attack

by Lisa

Tammin Sursok, known for her role in “Pretty Little Liars,” has issued a crucial warning to dog owners following a harrowing incident at a dog park where her child was attacked over the weekend.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, the actress, now residing in Nashville, shared distressing images of her five-year-old daughter Lennon’s injuries sustained from a vicious dog attack.


In her Instagram Story, Sursok’s daughter appeared with visible bite marks and punctures on her hands and stomach, accompanied by blood and bruising.


“PSA! If your dog is not friendly – don’t bring them to an off-lead dog park for families!” the 40-year-old actress wrote alongside the post. “My 5-year-old was sitting on the bench, didn’t even go up to the dog. Scary and unacceptable!!!”


Sursok, who shares two daughters, Phoenix, 10, and Lennon, with husband Sean McEwen, emphasized the importance of dog owners being mindful of their pets’ behavior in public spaces.


This isn’t the first health scare the family has faced recently. In December, Sursok rushed her youngest daughter to the emergency room after she experienced seizures.

Describing the alarming incident on her Instagram Story, Sursok recounted finding her daughter with blank eyes and spitting from her mouth. Despite the urgency, Sursok opted to rush Lennon to the ER herself rather than wait for emergency services.

Upon arrival at the hospital, medical staff diagnosed Lennon with Covid, leading to her transfer to a pediatric-specialized facility as her seizures persisted. Fortunately, after receiving treatment, including five bags of fluid and glucose, Lennon was able to return home.

Sursok expressed her shock at how Covid presented in her daughter and revealed it was the second time Lennon had contracted the virus.

As Lennon recuperates, Sursok asked for positive thoughts and emphasized the importance of vigilance when it comes to children’s health and safety.


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