Kristi Noem Criticizes Biden Over Handling of Aggressive White House Dog

by Lisa

Kristi Noem, the Republican governor of South Dakota and rumored potential running mate for Donald Trump, has sparked controversy by suggesting that President Joe Biden should have euthanized his unruly Alsatian dog, Commander, rather than exile him from the White House.

In a recent appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation, Noem criticized Biden’s decision to keep Commander despite reports of the dog attacking Secret Service personnel. She questioned the threshold for tolerating such behavior, asking, “So how many people is enough people to be attacked and dangerously hurt before you make a decision on a dog?”


Commander, who arrived at the White House as a puppy in 2021, has been involved in multiple incidents of aggression, according to a Freedom of Information request by CNN. Reports indicate that ten Secret Service agents have required medical treatment as a result of Commander’s behavior.


Noem, however, defended her own controversial decision to euthanize her family’s 14-month-old dog, Cricket, citing concerns about the animal’s dangerous behavior. She described Cricket as a threat to both livestock and people, particularly children, on their property.


While Noem’s stance garnered support from some quarters, including praise from former Reagan administration official Jeff Lord, others have criticized her remarks. Prof. Clive Wynne of the Canine Science Collaboratory called Noem’s advice on handling aggressive dogs “ill-advised,” emphasizing the potential for behavioral treatment and retraining.


Stanley Coren, emeritus professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, echoed this sentiment, cautioning against the knee-jerk reaction of euthanizing misbehaving dogs.

Noem’s comments have also drawn condemnation from animal welfare advocates, including the American Humane Society, which criticized her handling of Cricket and accused her of justifying unjustifiable actions. The society emphasized the importance of exploring alternative solutions to address problematic pet behavior.

The Telegraph reached out to the White House for comment on the matter. As debates over pet ownership and responsible handling continue, Noem’s remarks have reignited discussions about the ethical treatment of animals and the appropriate responses to instances of aggression in pets.


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