Overflowing Dog Waste Bins Spark Health and Environmental Concerns in Tuffley

by Lisa

Residents of the Yew Tree Gardens estate in Tuffley are expressing growing concerns over unemptied dog waste bins, leading to an accumulation of waste near a local play park.

Reports indicate that three bins within the estate have been left overflowing with dog waste, prompting worries about health hazards and environmental degradation. Despite numerous complaints to Gloucester City Council, the bins remain unattended, as the council has not yet assumed responsibility for the land. Consequently, the task of emptying the bins falls upon the estate developer.


Bert Mahoney, 55, a resident of Tuffley, voiced his frustration, highlighting the lack of accountability surrounding the issue. He emphasized the proximity of the bins to the play park, exacerbating concerns about public health.


Residents have taken matters into their own hands by placing additional bins for dog waste bags, but the situation persists unresolved. Mahoney expressed dismay at the repeated reports to the council yielding no tangible action, describing the situation as “disgusting” and “smelly.”


In response to the outcry, Persimmon, the estate developer, has assured that steps are being taken to address the problem promptly. A spokesperson for Persimmon Homes acknowledged the issue and extended apologies for the inconvenience caused to residents.


The developer has initiated measures to transfer management responsibilities, including the maintenance of the dog waste bins, to a resident management company. During this transitional phase, Persimmon had contracted a managing agent to oversee the bin emptying process. However, the agent’s contractors failed to fulfill their obligations.

Assurances have been made that immediate action has been taken to rectify the situation. Persimmon has escalated the matter within the management company to ensure timely and consistent emptying of the bins, averting further delays and mitigating concerns regarding public health and environmental impact.


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