Texas Adventurer Realizes Lifelong Dream Mushing Huskies in Swedish Lapland

by Lisa

Venturing deep into the Arctic Circle, a Texan adventurer finds herself at the helm of a dog-powered sled, hurtling through the pristine landscapes of Swedish Lapland alongside a team of spirited huskies.

Guiding her canine companions through the icy terrain, she experiences the exhilarating rush of speed akin to driving a high-performance sports car, despite her roots in a land of horses and heatwaves.


This extraordinary journey unfolds against the backdrop of snow-covered forests and frozen lakes, a stark contrast to her native Texas landscape. Fueled by a passion ignited in childhood tales of Balto, the legendary sled dog, she embraces the opportunity to live out her dreams in the frigid wilderness.


Her path to this wintry adventure was paved by Swedish outdoor company Fjallraven, which hosts an annual trip for adventure enthusiasts selected from a pool of applicants worldwide. Despite being decades older than her fellow travelers, she embraces the challenge as a testament to her enduring spirit of adventure.


The expedition begins with a flight to Kiruna, followed by a short drive to the Fjellborg kennels, where she meets her eager husky team. With basic instructions and a sense of anticipation, she sets off on her sled, weaving through snow-laden trails beneath the subdued Arctic skies.


As the journey progresses, she encounters a myriad of challenges, from navigating narrow trails to mastering the art of sled steering. Despite occasional mishaps, including encounters with trees and unexpected sled flips, she relishes every moment of the adventure.

Camp life becomes a testament to resilience and camaraderie, as she and her fellow travelers pitch tents and share tales under the vast Arctic expanse. Bonding with her husky team, she learns to appreciate their athleticism and unwavering spirit.

The days blur into a whirlwind of exhilarating sled rides, frozen landscapes, and shared moments of triumph and camaraderie. As the expedition draws to a close, she reflects on the profound beauty of life at a dog’s pace, a testament to the enduring allure of adventure and the indomitable spirit of the human soul.


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