Top Dog Names Unveiled for 2024: Luna Reigns Supreme

by Lisa

For pet owners nationwide, naming their canine companions proves to be a significant decision, blending personality, uniqueness, and a personal touch. According to Petsure’s research, unveiling the most popular dog names of 2024, certain names stand out amidst the pack.

Petsure, experts in pet insurance, conducted a study across eight dog breeds in the UK, shedding light on common monikers. Among these breeds were cockapoos, Jack Russells, cocker spaniels, staffies, Labrador retrievers, German Shepherds, and Golden retrievers.


Taking the crown as the most favored name is Luna, particularly among cocker spaniels, German Shepherds, and staffies. Bella follows closely as the second most popular, trailed by Milo and Willow, perhaps influenced by Taylor Swift’s renowned single of the same name.


For cockapoos, Teddy claims the top spot, likely owing to their teddy-like appearance, with Bella and Luna following suit. Among Jack Russells, names like Bella, Rosie, and Daisy flourish, evoking floral imagery.


Ethereal names like Luna and Willow grace the top ten for cocker spaniels, while Labradors, known for their loyalty, often respond to Buddy. German Shepherds, celebrated for their strength and intelligence, commonly bear mythological names such as Loki and Zeus.


Golden retriever parents lean towards nature-inspired names like Luna, Daisy, Willow, and Poppy. Lastly, Staffordshire terriers see a mix of modern and classic choices, from Blue to Reggie.

Allie, Petsure’s Content Manager, offers guidance to new pet parents, suggesting short, two-syllable names for easy recall and individualizing the choice based on the pet’s personality or physical features. Allie recommends a trial period to ensure the chosen name resonates well with both owner and pet.

In 2023, according to a report by Rover, Charles, Barbie, and Taylor were among the favored dog names, illustrating the evolving trends in pet nomenclature.


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