Dogfest’s Second Day Cancelled Due to Wet Weather

by Lisa

Thousands of dog lovers and their furry companions were left disappointed as the second day of Dogfest had to be cancelled due to inclement weather conditions.

The inaugural day of Dogfest proceeded as planned on Saturday at Losely Park near Guildford, Surrey, attracting a large crowd of attendees.


However, heavy rainfall overnight from Saturday into Sunday resulted in flooding in the park’s car parks, rendering the venue unsuitable for hosting the event’s second day.


Organizers expressed regret over the cancellation and assured ticket holders that they would be contacted regarding refunds.


Dogfest, a renowned celebration of dog ownership, was part of a series of events scheduled to take place at stately homes across the country this year.


Cat Stanford, Dogfest’s marketing director, commented on the situation, highlighting the success of the event’s first day, which saw 5,000 visitors and 3,000 dogs enjoying various activities such as the action arena, have-a-go ring, and behavior advice sessions.

While Saturday experienced favorable weather conditions, the heavy rainfall overnight made it impossible to proceed with the event on Sunday.

Ms. Stanford emphasized that the company would reach out to ticket holders within the next 48 hours to facilitate refunds for the cancelled day.


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