Property Dispute Escalates: Lawsuit Filed Against Neighbors’ Dogs

by Lisa

A property dispute in Park City has stirred controversy among locals, following a lawsuit filed by Matthew Prince, co-founder of tech firm Cloudflare, against his neighbors’ dogs.

The dispute initially revolved around a property line issue between Prince and Eric and Susan Hermann, concerning a rock wall. However, the conflict escalated when Prince’s lawyers filed a lawsuit against the Hermanns’ two Bernese Mountain dogs, Sasha and Mocha, alleging them to be ‘vicious and aggressive.’


Prince, whose net worth stands at $3.4 billion, asserted that the dogs had displayed aggressive behavior, including approaching, chasing, and harassing him and his family.


In response, the Hermanns denied the allegations, describing their dogs as ‘well-behaved, polite, and nonaggressive.’ They believe the lawsuits are retaliatory after they appealed the city’s approval of Prince’s plans to build a mansion overlooking the town’s historic center.


As the legal battle intensifies, residents find themselves divided in their support for the dogs. According to the lawsuit, the dogs have been accused of barking loudly and defecating on Prince’s property.


While Prince maintains that the dogs posed a threat to his family, the Hermanns argue that the lawsuit against their pets amounts to harassment.

Local sentiment has rallied behind Sasha and Mocha, with residents expressing support through ‘Free Sasha & Mocha’ stickers appearing across the city.

Amidst the legal tussle over the dogs, the underlying property dispute between Prince and the Hermanns continues. The conflict stems from a rock wall on the Hermanns’ property, which Prince claims encroaches onto his land.

The Hermanns, who own an $11.5 million mansion, contend that Prince’s proposed mansion violates zoning laws and obstructs their view. They have appealed the city’s approval of Prince’s plans, citing concerns about the project’s size and impact on the neighborhood.

The appeal is set for review by Park City’s appeal panel on April 30, marking a critical juncture in resolving the ongoing dispute between the neighbors.


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