South Dakota Governor Defends Controversial Decision to Euthanize Dog

by Lisa

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is standing by her choice to euthanize her 14-month-old dog, Cricket, citing adherence to state law and her responsibility as a pet owner and neighbor.

Ms. Noem faced widespread criticism after disclosing the incident in her new book, where she recounted shooting Cricket years ago after it displayed aggressive behavior and attacked a neighbor’s chickens, making it difficult to train as a hunting dog.


Addressing the controversy, Ms. Noem defended her actions, stating that South Dakota law permits the euthanization of dogs that attack and kill livestock. She emphasized Cricket’s aggression toward people, citing instances of biting, as factors influencing her decision.


In her book, Ms. Noem recounted the incident during a pheasant hunt when Cricket, a wirehaired pointer, escaped from the truck and attacked chickens on a nearby farm. She described the dog as untrainable and dangerous, leading her to euthanize it at a gravel pit.


Despite facing backlash, Ms. Noem used the incident to highlight her willingness to make tough decisions and take responsibility, drawing parallels to her political career. As a potential vice presidential candidate, she has sought to position herself as a strong leader, aligning herself closely with former President Donald Trump.


While Ms. Noem has attempted to spin the narrative positively, polling data indicates significant public disapproval of her decision. According to a survey by New River Strategies, 81 percent of 1,156 Americans disagreed with her choice to euthanize Cricket.

In the midst of the controversy, speculation swirls about potential vice presidential candidates, with North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum reportedly gaining traction as a contender on Mr. Trump’s list.


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