Japan Marks Centennial Birthday of Devoted Canine Icon Hachiko

by Lisa

Residents from various regions in Japan gathered to celebrate the 100th birthday of the legendary loyal dog, Hachiko.

Sandra Aguinaldo’s coverage on “I-Witness” highlighted the centennial milestone reached by Hachiko on November 10, commemorated with a grand festivity in Odate City, Akita Prefecture.


The event featured a diverse array of Hachiko-themed merchandise, souvenirs, and culinary delights for attendees.


The celebration drew the participation of notable figures in Japan, including the mayors of Shibuya and Odate City, along with representatives from the Hachiko Preservation Society.


Shiori Hamada, leader of the Hachi 100th Anniversary Project, expressed the goal of raising global awareness about Hachiko’s origins in Odate and his Akita breed. Hamada emphasized the ongoing efforts to acquaint people worldwide with Hachiko and introduce them to Odate through this initiative.


Ryosako Saito, the grandson of Hachiko’s original owner, presented flowers to Hachiko’s monument at the Akita Dog Visitor Center in Odate, contributing to the commemoration.

The celebration concluded with a heartfelt rendition of the birthday song and the presentation of a birthday cake in honor of the steadfast canine.

Hachiko, born in 1923, gained renown for faithfully waiting at Shibuya train station daily, anticipating his deceased owner. This unwavering loyalty continued for nine years until Hachiko’s passing in 1935.

Japan immortalized Hachiko’s devotion with a statue at Shibuya station, now a renowned tourist attraction.


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