Top Show Dog Kenny, a Bearded Collie, Claims National Victory Amidst a Year of Celebrations

by Lisa

In the picturesque coastal region of South Taranaki, Kenny, a bearded collie renowned for his beach sprints and pond paddles, has emerged as a national champion in the dog show circuit. Owned by Penny Brooks, Kenny is not just a pristine show dog but a furry friend who revels in the joys of being a dog.

Brooks, who dedicates considerable time to maintaining the impeccable coats of Kenny and his companions Ellie and Moro, emphasizes the importance of letting her dogs be dogs first. Despite their show accolades, these furry companions are cherished members of the household, sharing the bed with Brooks and her husband.


On October 7, Kenny made history by becoming the first bearded collie to clinch the top spot at the national dog show held in Ardmore, triumphing over a field of 1000 of the nation’s finest canines. His success continued with a recent triumph at the South Taranaki Kennel Centre Show, securing his sixth Best In Show title and earning him the prestigious title of NZ Supreme Champion Lyntree Cosmic Hallelujah.


Describing Kenny as “a bit special,” Brooks marvels at his ethereal movement, noting that he seems to “float in the air” as he gracefully navigates the show ring. Brooks, a seasoned dog show participant with 42 years of experience, balances her passion for showcasing her dogs with her profession as a photographer. When not in the ring, she captures the action for fellow exhibitors and occasionally embarks on trips to Africa to photograph wildlife.


The dedication of Brooks and her husband, Murray Brooks, to the dog show circuit is evident in their frequent weekend excursions around the country for various shows. Despite the demands of the circuit, the couple finds joy in the camaraderie of the dog show community, fostering friendships that extend beyond the competition.


Kenny, a four-year-old showstopper, traces his lineage to a distinguished line of dogs that the Brooks couple has carefully bred. Anticipation builds as the couple looks forward to a forthcoming litter of pups from the pairing of Ellie and Kenny.

This year holds a special significance for the Brooks family beyond the achievements in the show ring. As they approach the first anniversary of Murray’s kidney transplant, the improved health of Murray has allowed the couple to share the joy of participating in shows together. Reflecting on a pivotal moment during a Wairarapa show, where Murray received the long-awaited call about the transplant, Penny expresses gratitude for the dog-show community that rallied to support them.

“I had people take my dogs – about 30 people came and helped pack up the caravan and the awning because we had to come home and drop off the caravan, get changed, and go. As we drove out, everyone was standing there cheering,” recounts Penny, underscoring the heartwarming solidarity that defines the dog-show community.


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