Mexico’s Pet Food Industry: Evolving Trends and Revenue Projections for 2022-2028

by Lisa

The pet food industry in Mexico has been significantly influenced by the ongoing process of urbanization, mirroring global shifts in pet ownership trends. With a growing segment of the Mexican population relocating to urban centers, there has been a notable shift in the types of pets that people choose to keep, favoring cats and smaller dog breeds. According to forecasts by Euromonitor, the retail volume growth for wet dog food is expected to see an uptick between 2023 and 2028, while the growth in retail volume for dry dog food and pet treats may experience a decline. Despite these fluctuations, dog food sales are projected to remain the dominant segment of Mexico’s pet food market in 2028.

Notably, the growth potential for cat food sales in Mexico surpasses that of dog food, and even exceeds growth forecasts for most other Latin American countries. While the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for dog food sales is anticipated to be less than 1% between 2023 and 2028, the CAGR for cat food is expected to reach approximately 11%. Euromonitor’s projections also indicate that sales growth for cat treats will persist into 2028, although the growth rates for dry and wet cat food may slow. In 2028, it is anticipated that retail sales volume for dry cat food will still surpass that of wet cat food. Nevertheless, the growth in the wet cat food segment is likely to contribute significantly to the overall cat food retail sales, reaching nearly US$1.2 billion by 2028 compared to approximately US$600 million in 2022.


The changing landscape of pet ownership in Mexico, driven by urbanization, plays a pivotal role in explaining the differing growth trajectories of dog and cat food sales. As more people in urban areas opt for smaller pets, pet food companies are challenged to cater to the evolving needs of these urban pet owners. Several Mexico-based pet food companies, featured in Petfood Industry’s Top Company’s database, play a crucial role in meeting the dietary requirements of pets in urban environments.


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