Altercation Erupts in Noida Housing Society Over Elevator Use Amid Child’s Fear of Dog

by Lisa

A tense altercation between a dog owner, a security guard, and a resident of a Noida housing society unfolded, captured on video and widely shared on social media. The dispute revolved around the dog owner’s insistence on using the same elevator in which a visibly frightened child, crying loudly due to fear of the dog, was already present.

The incident took place at Gaur City 7th Avenue, as depicted in the video. The translated caption accompanying the video explained the situation: “A poor child was already in the lift and was crying due to fear of the dog, but the dog owner’s brother was adamant that he would go in the same lift because his dog was wearing a muzzle.”


The video has sparked discussions on social media, raising questions about courtesy and consideration in shared spaces within residential complexes. It underscores the importance of respectful coexistence among residents, including pet owners, in such environments.


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