Two Fatal Dog Attacks Shake Bedford Community: Concerns Rise Over Pit Bull Involvement

by Lisa

BEDFORD, NS — A close-knit neighborhood in Bedford is grappling with fear and unease following a pair of tragic dog attacks that claimed the lives of two beloved family pets in separate incidents over the weekend. The breed of the dogs involved has been identified by residents as pit bulls.

The first incident occurred around 1:40 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, according to Halifax Regional Police (HRP). In this heart-wrenching incident, a dog attacked another dog in a backyard where it was nursing puppies. Tragically, the attacked dog succumbed to its injuries. HRP Animal Services promptly launched an investigation into the incident.


The community’s distress heightened as the same dog involved in the initial attack struck again the following day at 7:35 a.m. This time, the victim was a dog being walked by its owner on a sidewalk. Once more, the attacked dog did not survive its injuries. HRM Animal Services assumed custody of the aggressive dog and took control of the ongoing investigation, confirmed HRP spokesperson Cst. John MacLeod.


A doorbell camera in the vicinity captured the second harrowing attack. The footage shows a dog owner walking a toy poodle named Sunny. While engaged in conversation with a neighbor, an unexpected and horrifying moment unfolds as the pit bull charges into view, instantly claiming the life of Sunny.


Witnesses described the heartbreaking scene, with one neighbor recounting how the devastated owner cradled the lifeless Sunny in his arms.


Another neighbor, who rushed to the scene, managed to coax the larger dog away from the area. However, he sensed no signs of aggression from the pit bull and noted the animal appeared to be more frightened than hostile.

Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) has provided limited details regarding the ongoing investigation, stating, “We can confirm that Animal Services has one dog in custody. Because this is an active investigation, we cannot provide any further details at this time, or provide an interview,” according to HRM Public Affairs advisor Klara Needler.

Amid the ongoing investigation, community members have expressed their concerns and fears. One resident said, “It’s pretty scary. You know, this is a sweet, safe family street with lots of kids, lots of animals, and everyone deserves to feel safe, but right now, you looked out yesterday, nobody’s playing. Nobody’s walking their dog. Everybody’s pretty scared right now.”

Another resident described the neighborhood as typically lively and family-friendly but noted a palpable sense of unease and shock among the residents.

While neither of the families affected by the tragic pet losses chose to speak with CTV News on Monday, a compassionate neighbor shared the heartbreak of the families involved. “Their little boys are four and seven, and they went to bed last night without their dog, which is a family member. I have one of those, and it’s like my little boy. So, nobody deserves that, and it broke my heart for that family, as it did the other family,” she expressed.

As the community grapples with grief and heightened concerns over pet safety, authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding these tragic incidents.


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