Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Day Celebration to Focus on Art and Merchandise, Not Game or TV News

by Lisa

LOS ANGELES, CA — Naughty Dog, the acclaimed video game developer behind “The Last of Us” series, has announced its annual celebration of “The Last of Us Day” on September 26th. While fans were eagerly anticipating possible game or TV show-related announcements, the studio has tempered expectations by revealing that this year’s event will primarily feature revelations centered around art and merchandise.

The Last of Us Day, an annual commemoration of the in-game date when the Cordyceps infection reached critical mass, coincides with the series’ tenth anniversary this year. Many fans had hoped for significant surprises or announcements in light of this milestone.


However, Naughty Dog took to Twitter to preemptively clarify the nature of their planned reveals, stating, “We’re celebrating with a The Last of Us Day stream tomorrow… featuring announcements focused on art, merch, and more. While we’re honouring the series’ 10-year legacy, we will not be discussing any future game or TV show projects.”


Anticipation has been building for both a new installment in “The Last of Us” game series and updates on the TV adaptation. Yet, Naughty Dog’s announcement makes it clear that such information will not be part of this year’s festivities.


Regarding the TV show, it’s worth noting that fans may have to exercise patience, as it is not expected to return until at least 2025. Furthermore, the development of the highly-anticipated multiplayer game set in “The Last of Us” universe has seen delays, with Naughty Dog stating earlier this year that it needs “more time” before revealing details.


Additionally, Season 2 of the HBO live-action adaptation of “The Last of Us” has been temporarily halted due to the writers’ strike in the United States.

As fans eagerly await future developments in the “The Last of Us” universe, this year’s The Last of Us Day will serve as an opportunity for enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the series’ art and merchandise, celebrating its decade-long legacy.


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