A Pawsitively Unmissable Event for Pet Lovers: Dog’s Day Out Returns

by Lisa

The Fraser Coast Regional Council is delighted to announce the highly-anticipated return of Dog’s Day Out, an event that celebrates our beloved furry friends and promotes responsible pet ownership.

According to Cr Zane O’Keefe, Dog’s Day Out is not only a fun-filled day for families but also an educational experience emphasizing the importance of responsible pet care.


“While having a pet brings immense joy, it also carries significant responsibilities,” Cr O’Keefe stated. “We encourage all dog owners to attend, explore the array of products available to pamper their pets, gain insights into responsible pet care, and ensure their pet’s registration is up to date.”


In response to feedback from last year’s event, Dog’s Day Out has found a new home at Dayman Park in Urangan this year, and it will take place on Sunday, October 15, 2023, from 8 am to 12 pm.


As part of this event, pet owners will have the opportunity to renew their pet’s registration, pay fees, or register their animals for the first time.


Cr O’Keefe also highlighted that the Council offers free first-time dog registration and provides eligible pet owners with an animal desexing rebate of $50 for cats and $100 for dogs.

He emphasized that dog registration with the Council is compulsory from the age of twelve weeks and within 14 days for new residents in the Fraser Coast region. Additionally, dogs must be desexed before reaching 22 weeks of age.

“The registration fees collected support various aspects of Council’s animal management operations, including compliance inspections, investigations of dog attacks, operation of animal pounds and adoption centers, maintenance of fenced off-leash areas, and responsible pet care programs,” Cr O’Keefe explained.

He stressed that by registering dogs and ensuring they are microchipped, pet owners play a crucial role in reducing the number of animals ending up in the pound and help Council reunite lost pets with their owners.

Dog’s Day Out not only offers valuable insights and resources for maintaining happy and healthy relationships with our four-legged companions but also fosters a sense of community by bringing pet lovers together to celebrate their furry friends and promote responsible pet ownership. Don’t miss this wag-tastic event!


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