ave Big on Plufl’s Human Dog Bed: $150 Off, Plus an Extra $100 Discount for a Pair

by Lisa

For those who adore pampering their pets and aspire to the ultimate pet lifestyle, look no further than Plufl, proudly touting itself as the pioneer of the “human dog bed.” This Labor Day weekend, you’re in for a treat as shoppers can enjoy a generous $150 discount on the Plufl. And here’s the icing on the cake: when you purchase two, you’ll unlock an additional $100 off. That translates to a combined cost of $598 for two of these generously-sized, human-sized dog beds, down from the original price of $998.

Our intrepid reviewer, after luxuriating in the comfort of her Plufl, raved about the experience. Notably, she highlighted the ingenious design, which departs from the flatness of a typical beanbag. Instead, it boasts “360-degree [14-inch] plush pillow bolsters that provide an unprecedented level of comfort and support.” Inside, you’ll find a “gel-infused cooling topper” that elevates the comfort of traditional foam-filled dog beds. What’s more, it’s crafted from vegan fur, ensuring an irresistibly cozy burrow.


Our reviewer also noted that the Plufl is beloved by both humans and their furry companions. So, don’t assume that your human dog bed is safe from the attention of actual dogs or cats, who are equally drawn to the allure of cuddling in the Plufl, whether alone or alongside their human friends.


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