Busting Misconceptions: The Lurcher Breed Awaits Loving Homes

by Lisa

An expert in dogs, Alex Hennessey, who manages Dogs Trust Darlington, has shed light on the Lurcher breed, sharing insights that could help dispel misconceptions surrounding these wonderful dogs. Lurchers, often overlooked in shelters, are sighthounds that include Greyhounds, Whippets, and Salukis, among others, and are typically crossed with herding or terrier breeds.

These dogs possess a unique blend of traits. They are tall, athletic, and adventurous, yet known for their quiet and gentle demeanor compared to more confident counterparts. Due to crossbreeding, Lurchers come in various sizes, hair lengths, and colors, making each one unique.


Despite being less known, Lurchers are intelligent, loyal, and deeply devoted to their owners, making them excellent additions to families. Contrary to common misconceptions, they are not high-maintenance pets.


Alex Hennessey emphasizes that Lurchers are “trustworthy and gentle” and form strong bonds with their human caregivers. Their affectionate nature brings love and joy to their owner’s lives. However, potential adopters often hesitate due to mistaken beliefs that these dogs require excessive exercise.


The Dogs Trust Darlington branch currently houses eight Lurchers in need of loving homes. Alex’s mission is to educate the public about these charming dogs and encourage prospective owners to consider adopting them.


He stated, “Lurchers tend to spend longer in our care than other breeds and are often overlooked. So, it’s important for us to try and dispel any misconceptions that may exist about the breed and urge people not to rule out a Lurcher as their perfect pet.”

Contrary to the misconception that Lurchers demand extensive exercise and long walks, Alex clarifies that they need regular exercise, like all dogs, but also appreciate lounging on the sofa. These dogs thrive when close to their owners, forming a deep bond.

Each Lurcher boasts a unique personality and appearance, and all are eager to share their love and find a second chance in life. Dogs Trust Darlington currently cares for Bailey, Bella, Bubbles, Casey, Flash, Francis, Maggie, and Josie, all awaiting loving homes and a sofa to call their own.

Alex’s message is clear: Lurchers are wonderful companions that deserve a chance at happiness in a forever home.


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