Runaway Dog Sneaks into Metallica Concert, Enjoys Entire Show from Stands

by Lisa

A surprising canine guest joined the audience at a recent Metallica concert in California, adding an unexpected twist to the band’s performance.

The story began when the local Animal Hope & Wellness Organization initially reported on August 25 that a dog named Storm had been abandoned by its owner at Metallica’s show held at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood.


In a Facebook post accompanied by a photo of Storm comfortably seated in the audience, the organization expressed concern about the dog’s situation and how it had been left unattended for hours.


However, the story took a remarkable turn when Metallica addressed the situation on social media. The iconic heavy metal band shared the same picture on Twitter, explaining that Storm had not been abandoned but had managed to sneak out of her owner’s home and make her way into the concert venue all on her own.


After enjoying a full night of Metallica’s performance with her newfound “#MetallicaFamily,” Storm was safely reunited with her actual family the following day, as confirmed by the band.


It appears that Storm had a fantastic time at the concert, reveling in her favorite tunes, including “Barx Æterna,” “Master of Puppies,” and “The Mailman That Never Comes.”

Speaking about the incident, an Animal Hope & Wellness Organization representative, Hurtado, shared her amusement, stating, “We were laughing so hard when we saw she was SITTING IN AN ACTUAL SEAT AT THE CONCERT.”

SoFi Stadium, the venue for the concert, announced on Facebook that the Metallica show on August 25 had set a new attendance record for the venue, with an impressive 80,000 fans in attendance.


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