Shire of Murray Issues Call for Responsible Pet Ownership in Response to Surge in Dog Attacks

by Lisa

The Shire of Murray has issued a fervent appeal to pet owners, urging them to embrace responsible pet ownership in light of a concerning increase in dog attacks on individuals, animals, and livestock. The issue has manifested not only within the Shire of Murray but also in the neighboring Shire of Waroona.

Dean Unsworth, Chief Executive Officer of the Shire of Murray, emphasized the critical need to remind all residents of their obligations to mitigate these incidents.


“While we all cherish our beloved canine companions, it is of paramount importance that dog owners exercise responsible ownership to safeguard the well-being of our community,” Mr. Unsworth underscored.


He further elucidated the responsibilities placed upon dog owners, emphasizing the necessity for dog registration and microchipping, alongside the imperative of dogs wearing collars affixed with their registration tags when in public spaces.


Crucially, owners are obligated to maintain control over their dogs at all times. In areas designated for off-leash exercise, a dog must always be accompanied by a person capable of controlling it, assuming full liability for the dog’s conduct and having a leash at the ready.


Owners are mandated to leash their dogs when approaching people and other animals. Additional responsibilities encompass ensuring secure and comfortable confinement of pets within their property and never permitting their dogs to roam unsupervised.

In cases of persistent issues with fencing and containment, the Shire reserves the right to request the removal of the dog.

It is essential for pet owners to recognize the severity of penalties associated with dog attacks and allowing dogs to roam freely in public spaces. Consequences may include fines, the establishment of a criminal record, and the potential for imprisonment.

Comprehensive guidance on responsible dog ownership, including tips for the proper care and maintenance of pets, can be accessed on the official websites of the Shire of Murray and Shire of Waroona.


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