Shih Tzu’s Hysterical Reaction to Phone Ringing Caught on Home Security Camera

by Lisa

A pet owner from Delray Beach, Florida, had a good laugh while watching their Shih Tzu, Bubbles, react dramatically to the sound of the house phone ringing through their home security camera.

The amusing incident, captured in July and shared with Newsweek by security camera company Ring, showcases Bubbles, a lively two-year-old pup, responding to the phone’s ringing in an entertaining manner.


In a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of DogVacay, it was revealed that two-thirds of dog owners admitted to leaving their dogs home alone for extended periods, and a significant 80 percent of respondents expressed feelings of guilt when doing so.


However, Audie, Bubbles’ owner, need not have been too concerned. The video shared by Ring reveals that Bubbles possesses a talent for keeping herself entertained.


In the video, Bubbles stands in the main hall of Audie’s home when the phone rings. She reacts promptly and loudly, barking repeatedly as if urging someone to answer the call. Simultaneously, she spins in circles, seemingly questioning if anyone is available to pick up the call. When the ringing finally stops, she resumes her activities.


Little did Bubbles know that her human companion was watching the entire spectacle and found it immensely amusing. Audie remarked, “[It was] absolutely hysterical that she ran right in front of the camera, reacting to the house phone ringing which she hates, and when it’s not answered starts to howl and spin in circles!”

Audie also shared that Bubbles, a former show dog from a lineage of award-winning Shih Tzus, has displayed such antics on multiple occasions. She certainly knows how to put on a show, joining the ranks of other mischievous canines caught on camera while their owners are away.

This episode adds to the growing collection of heartwarming and comical moments captured by home security cameras, showcasing the delightful and sometimes unexpected behavior of our beloved pets.


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