Dog Rescued After Attack on Gila River Indian Reservation Seeks Forever Home

by Lisa

In a heartening tale of resilience, a dog who narrowly survived a harrowing attack on the Gila River Indian Reservation in Laveen is now seeking a permanent home, thanks to the efforts of her rescuer.

Jordan Bader, the compassionate individual who intervened to save the dog’s life in February, affectionately refers to her as “Mama Girl.” Bader’s journey to rescue Mama Girl commenced upon encountering a distressing Facebook post, urgently seeking aid for the injured canine. Securing permission from a reservation official, Bader swiftly embarked on the mission to rescue Mama Girl.


Describing Mama Girl’s background, Bader reveals that she was a roaming “reservation dog,” often found wandering through various backyards.


Surviving against all odds, the three-year-old pup endured severe injuries from the attack, leaving her unable to walk and on the brink of sepsis. Rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic, Mama Girl’s prognosis initially appeared grim. However, to Bader’s astonishment, the veterinary team expressed optimism about her recovery, assuring that she would heal from her wounds.


As a consequence of the traumatic incident involving multiple dogs, Mama Girl developed a fear of her fellow canines, making her best suited for a home where she can be the sole pet.


Mama Girl has since undergone spaying, received microchipping, completed all necessary vaccinations, and been cleared of any health concerns by a veterinarian. Bader identifies Mama Girl as a Pitbull and Shar Pei mix.

Praising Mama Girl’s endearing traits, Bader highlights her house-trained nature, affectionate demeanor toward everyone she encounters, and lack of destructive behavior. Notably, there will be a rehoming fee for Mama Girl.

With six years of experience in animal rescue, both independently and in collaboration with organizations, Bader undertook the responsibility of rehabilitating Mama Girl on her own.


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