Petition Calls for Year-Round Dog-Friendly Beaches in Jersey

by Lisa

Advocates in Jersey are rallying behind a petition advocating for the establishment of “dedicated dog-friendly” beaches throughout the year, following the implementation of summer restrictions this month.

Presently, between May 1 and September 30, dogs on Jersey’s beaches must be leashed from 10:30 to 18:00 BST. However, some residents argue for more lenient regulations to accommodate dog owners or to make the rules more favorable for canine companions.


While Jersey’s government has previously rebuffed appeals to relax the regulations, it has signaled openness to revisiting the discussion should there be sufficient public demand.


Sally Minty-Gravett, a dog owner, contends that it’s time for pragmatic adjustments. She asserts, “If it’s a quiet day with few beachgoers, why can’t we let our dogs run freely for an hour?”


Jen Salisbury’s petition proposes the designation of “dedicated dog-friendly beaches” during the summer months. Garnering over 500 signatures to date, the petition aims for 1,000 signatures, which would necessitate ministerial response.


In contrast to Jersey, Guernsey has adopted a more relaxed stance, permitting dogs on certain stretches of sand while prohibiting them from others.

Spotted Wellies, a local dog-walking company, expresses contentment with the current regulations, highlighting their role in fostering a tranquil environment conducive to wildlife preservation. However, they caution that designating specific beaches for dogs during summer may pose logistical challenges and safety risks due to potential overcrowding and off-leash dogs.

They suggest extending off-leash hours until midday as a potential compromise, affording dog owners more freedom while mitigating overcrowding concerns.

Chairman of the Constables Committee, Mike Jackson, emphasizes the need to strike a balance between the interests of various beach users, noting concerns about dog behavior and public safety.

While similar petitions in the past have been dismissed by the States, Mr. Jackson indicates a willingness to reconsider the regulations if there is substantial community support.


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