Dramatic Ice Rescue: Twin Cities Men and Dog Saved from Frigid Waters

by Lisa

Authorities successfully rescued two individuals and a dog who fell through the ice while engaged in ice fishing on a lake north of the Twin Cities on Sunday. The incident occurred near the 22500 block of Garnet Street Northwest in Nowthen, as reported by the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office. A passerby came to their aid by providing a canoe, allowing them to wait for authorities who arrived just after 3:30 p.m. Deputy Chris Fjeld initiated the rescue upon observing signs of hypothermia in the men. Deputies and other first responders safely retrieved the individuals and the dog from the water.

The sheriff’s office took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of caution on frozen bodies of water in Minnesota, noting that the ice might not be thick enough for activities such as ice fishing. They issued a reminder about the risks associated with venturing onto thin ice, highlighting the potential for hypothermia or even fatalities. The sheriff’s office urged those planning winter activities on ice to consult the Minnesota Department of Natural Resource’s website for guidelines on the required thickness of ice for safe walking or driving. The office expressed gratitude for the successful rescue and commended Deputy Fjeld for his selfless actions in assisting others in need.


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