Spooky Encounter: Mysterious ‘Ghost’ Startles Dog, Captured on Pet Cam in English Home

by Lisa

A couple from England is left with a puzzling paranormal encounter, raising questions about the possibility of their dream home being haunted, as their visiting dog had a hair-raising run-in with a seemingly otherworldly entity in the early hours of a recent morning. The bizarre incident was all caught on camera.

Victoria Hepworth, 35, was temporarily looking after her sister’s one-year-old black Labrador, Kiwi, when she decided to set up a motion-sensor security camera in their living room. The purpose was simple: ensure their four-legged houseguest was safe and sound during the night.


However, what Hepworth and her fiancé, Joe Shard, 29, discovered the following morning left them and the pet quite shaken. The camera footage had captured Kiwi’s frenetic leaps and bounds around the room, seemingly attempting to escape from a towering, ‘floating’ figure, dressed in white, which appeared ghost-like in nature.


Hepworth recounted the unnerving experience to Kennedy News and Media, stating, “It was really weird. I wouldn’t say either of us particularly believes in ghosts, but it felt very odd because it made us think, ‘What has been there?'” The eerie encounter left them feeling somewhat unsettled.


The camera footage showed Kiwi reacting to the “peculiar” figure, which seemed to hover above the door frame. This spectral presence exhibited a distinct head and shoulders, casting a shadow on the wall as it loomed.


Hepworth confessed, “Kiwi didn’t bark in the night, but, thinking back, maybe we heard whimpering. She slept most of the night in her bed, but here she’s obviously running away.”

Adding to the intrigue, this wasn’t the first time a family pet had been rattled by inexplicable occurrences in their 135-year-old residence. Last year, while moving into the house, the couple’s young nephew and his puppy displayed a peculiar reaction to something unseen by the adults.

Hepworth recalled the incident, stating, “I remember on the day we moved in, my nephew, who was two years old at the time, and their family puppy were sitting about halfway up the stairs, and both of them burst into tears at the exact same time.”


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