Ancestry Launches ‘Know Your Pet DNA’ Kit for Dogs: Uncover Your Canine Companion’s Genetic History

by Lisa

As pet owners, we’ve all wondered about the origins of our beloved four-legged family members. Do their quirky behaviors have a genetic basis? What breeds make up their unique mix? Ancestry, the trusted genealogy service, is now offering a solution to satisfy your curiosity: the “Know Your Pet DNA by Ancestry” kit, specially designed for dogs.

Unlocking Your Dog’s Genetic Secrets:

Have you ever wished you could uncover the genetic history of your canine companion, just like in the movies? Ancestry is making that dream a reality with its latest offering. The “Know Your Pet DNA” kit is an at-home DNA testing kit that dives deep into your dog‘s genetic makeup, offering valuable insights into their traits, breed breakdown, and familial connections.


Key Features of the “Know Your Pet DNA” Kit:

Detailed Traits Analysis: Discover more about your pet’s distinct traits, helping you better understand their behavior and characteristics.


Breed Breakdown: If your dog’s heritage is a mystery, this kit will provide a comprehensive breakdown of their exact breed composition.


Familial Matches: Explore potential familial matches within your area, connecting you with fellow dog owners who share genetic connections with your pet.


Enhanced Bonding: Gain a deeper connection with your dog as you learn about their unique genetic makeup and heritage.

Why It Matters:

For pet parents, understanding their dog’s genetics can provide valuable insights into behavior, health, and overall well-being. It’s particularly useful for those who have adopted dogs from shelters and are curious about their furry friend’s background. Whether you’re a new dog parent or simply intrigued by your pet’s origins, this DNA kit offers an exciting opportunity to uncover your dog’s genetic history.

Availability and Pricing:

The “Know Your Pet DNA by Ancestry” kit is now available for purchase at the price of $99.00. It’s an investment in strengthening the bond between you and your canine companion, allowing you to explore their genetic story like never before.

While Ancestry has started with dogs, pet lovers are already hoping for future expansions into other animals. After all, cats, rabbits, and other furry friends have their own mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

As we embark on this exciting journey to understand our pets on a deeper level, one thing is clear: Ancestry’s “Know Your Pet DNA” kit is a game-changer for pet parents looking to connect with their furry family members in a whole new way.


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