Perth Woman Suffers Severe Injuries After Rottweiler Attack in Success

by Lisa

A neighbor recounts the horrifying scene as he implored police to intervene during a brutal Rottweiler attack on its owner at a residence in the southern Perth suburb of Success.

Warning: This article contains distressing details.


Bryn Spencer recalls hearing his neighbor’s desperate cries for help around 4:30 pm last Saturday as she endured a vicious assault by her pet Rottweiler at her Pitta Corner home in Success. The attack inflicted severe injuries on the victim.


“I contemplated jumping the fence to rescue her, but there were two Rottweilers in there… I would have been torn apart,” Mr. Spencer stated.


“All I could do was watch as this poor girl was mauled while I pounded the fence with a bat… Meanwhile, another neighbor was attempting to deter the dog with a hose.”


Mr. Spencer estimated that the attack persisted for approximately 10 minutes before neighbors realized the gravity of the situation.

“I heard cries for help, and when I reached her, it seemed as though she was drifting in and out of consciousness.”

Upon the arrival of the police, Mr. Spencer urgently implored the officer: “You need to use your firearm to stop this dog; it’s going to kill her.”


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