Singapore Airlines Offers Refund to Couple Seated Next to “Snorting, Farting” Dog on 13-Hour Flight

by Lisa

Singapore Airlines deserves commendation for swiftly addressing an unusual situation that unfolded during a 13-hour flight. The presence of a dog on a flight that “snorts” and “farts” was far from ideal, and this holds true not just for canines but also for humans.

Gill and Warren Press were passengers on a Singapore Airlines flight from Paris (CDG) to Singapore (SIN), seated in premium economy class, when they discovered a dog occupying the neighboring seat. The couple described the dog as an emotional support animal. Although Singapore Airlines implemented a ban on emotional support dogs effective April 1, 2023, it still honored reservations made prior to this date, making it reasonable to assume that the dog in question was indeed an emotional support animal rather than a service animal.


In an interview with Stuff, the couple shared their firsthand experience:


“I heard this noise – a heavy snorting. I thought it was my husband’s phone, but we looked down and realized it was the dog breathing. I said, ‘I’m not having this sitting next to us the whole trip.'”


Press stated that the dog’s owner acknowledged needing the dog for travel but admitted that the canine tended to become anxious during flights. The couple requested a seat change from a flight attendant, only to be informed that the only available seats were located at the rear of the economy class cabin, effectively downgrading their cabin class.


However, matters took a turn for the worse. The odors emanating from the dog grew increasingly unpleasant, and the dog began drooling. The dog’s proximity infringed upon personal space.

“The passenger couldn’t have the dog out in the aisle because they couldn’t get the trolleys through, so it had to come in further, which meant his head was under my husband’s feet. My husband was in shorts and was getting the dog’s saliva goo on his leg.”

Upon registering another complaint, the couple was reportedly relocated to seats blocked for crew rest at the front of the economy class cabin, a somewhat unusual move considering the presence of a dedicated crew rest area with lie-flat beds on the aircraft.


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