Rhode Island Police Department Welcomes Blue, the Beloved Comfort Dog

by Lisa

Rhode Island residents and social media users alike are falling head over heels for Blue, the newest addition to the Tiverton Police Department. This 10-week-old black labrador, affectionately named Blue, is bringing comfort and warmth to the community in a way only a dog can.

Blue officially stepped into his role as the Tiverton Police Department’s first-ever comfort and therapy dog officer on September 7, making a grand entrance into the hearts of those he encounters. His presence has quickly become a source of solace and smiles for both the officers and the public.


Tiverton Officer Shaun Wilson, Blue’s handler, recognized the potential of having a comfort dog within the department. “I’ve always wanted to be a K9 officer,” shared Officer Wilson. “When I saw the need and the rewarding outcome of a comfort dog, I started looking into it more.”


Blue was welcomed into the Tiverton Police Department family from Boonefield Labradors, a company renowned for breeding and training Labrador retrievers to serve as therapy and comfort dogs. His purpose extends beyond just companionship; he is a vital link in strengthening the relationship between law enforcement and the community.


“The program helps bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community,” explained Officer Wilson. “It is important to be able to help build upon that relationship.”


Blue joins another beloved member of the department’s therapy pet team, Scrappy the cat, further enhancing the department’s commitment to providing comfort and support to both officers and the community they serve.

As Blue continues to embark on his journey as a comfort and therapy dog officer, his endearing presence promises to bring joy and solace to all who encounter him. It’s clear that Blue is not just another officer; he’s a furry friend and a symbol of compassion within the Tiverton Police Department.


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