Irresponsible Owners Blamed for American XL Bully Dog Attacks, as Breeding Ban Looms

by Lisa

SOUTHEND, UK – A Southend dog trainer has pointed the finger at irresponsible owners for a series of attacks involving American XL bully dogs. The Prime Minister has recently announced plans for a breeding ban on these animals, set to be enforced by the end of the year.

The American XL bully breed has been associated with several recent attacks, including one that tragically resulted in a man’s death and another that left an 11-year-old girl seriously injured.


Under the proposed regulations, current owners of XL bully dogs may face various restrictions, such as mandatory neutering, muzzling, and requirements for registration and insurance.


Southend-based dog trainer, Adam Spivey, asserts that the core issue lies with dog owners who fail to take responsibility for their pets. He emphasizes, “Until we have harsher sentences, nothing will change. We’re going to have the same conversation again about another breed until we actually wake up and realize it’s the owners that are purposely not controlling their dogs.”


Owners who have experienced the violent nature of these dogs firsthand stress the necessity of stricter control measures. Tracey Ground, whose puppy fell victim to an XL bully in Whitstable, vividly recalls the attack: “It literally had its jaw around my puppy, and it wasn’t letting go for anything. I think if that dog is in that moment of aggressiveness, having experienced that firsthand, there’s not a lot you can do.”


Amidst growing concerns, some MPs advocate for more decisive action, suggesting that any XL bully displaying violent behavior should be put down. Sir Robert Goodwill MP, a member of the DEFRA Select Committee, remarks, “If a dog is causing concerns in a neighborhood, then I think that dog needs to be looked at by a vet and either classified as not vicious, or if that dog does pose a danger to people around it, then I think something needs to be done.”

As the debate over XL bully dogs and the responsibility of their owners intensifies, the impending breeding ban represents a significant step in addressing the issue of dangerous dogs within communities across the UK.


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