Shelter Seeks Justice: Abandoned Dog Found ‘Cold and Petrified’ in a Box

by Lisa

PEKIN, Ill. – The Tazewell Animal Protective Society (TAPS) in Pekin is appealing to the community for assistance in the wake of a distressing incident involving an abandoned chihuahua left overnight at their shelter in a heartless act.

Expressing their outrage, the no-kill animal shelter took to Facebook, stating, “We have been simmering in our anger all day and we hope that there is someone out there to help us hold someone accountable for their actions.”


As of 5:30 p.m., the shelter’s post garnered over 250 reactions and 230 shares, indicating widespread concern and support from the community.


According to the shelter’s account, the dog was discovered inside a securely taped box near the shelter’s mailbox around 11 p.m. on Sunday, September 17. Approximately seven-and-a-half agonizing hours later, during the shelter’s morning rounds, the distressed and shivering chihuahua was found.


TAPS has made a passionate plea to the community to come forward with any information regarding the incident, including details about the individual or individuals responsible for this heartless act. The shelter believes that the dog was transported to the location in a white minivan or SUV.


To facilitate the investigation, TAPS has provided multiple avenues for contact, including Facebook Messenger, email ([email protected]), phone ((309) 353-8277 x 101), and an option for anonymous tips.

In an emphatic message, the shelter clarified its intentions: “We don’t want to hear excuses, justifications, reasonings for the behavior, sympathy to the human for having to resort to these measures. We want the person who taped a dog up in a box and left it overnight to be held accountable for their behavior so they can never do this again.”

The incident has sparked a community-wide call for justice and compassion toward animals, as the shelter and its supporters rally to ensure that such heartless acts are met with the full weight of accountability.


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