Mother’s Heroic Act Saves Daughter from Brutal Dog Attack, Fuels Call for XL Bully Dog Breed Ban

by Lisa

A courageous mother, Amy Hobson, sprang into action to protect her four-year-old daughter, Luna Forsyth, from a vicious XL Bully dog attack that left the child permanently scarred. The harrowing incident unfolded at a friend’s residence in April, prompting Amy to take swift and decisive measures.

Luna’s injuries were so extensive that she required plastic surgery and received 40 stitches on her face. Tragically, doctors confirmed that she would bear these facial scars for the rest of her life.


Amy Hobson, who exhibited remarkable bravery during the ordeal, has joined forces with Home Secretary Suella Braverman to champion a ban on XL Bully dogs, citing grave safety concerns for communities, particularly children.


Luna, once a vibrant and confident child, has been profoundly traumatized by the incident and now harbors a deep fear of dogs.


Reflecting on the terrifying encounter, Amy Hobson stated, “If I hadn’t managed to free Luna from the clutches of the dog, the outcome could have been far worse. When I heard Luna scream, I knew something was terribly wrong.”


Amy firmly believes that a ban on the XL Bully breed is the most effective means to safeguard communities, especially children. In the absence of a ban, she advocates for stringent laws mandating the muzzling of these dogs in public spaces.

Her impassioned plea for action gained momentum following a recent shocking incident captured on video, wherein a man was chased by an aggressive dog shortly after it had attacked a child.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman has characterized the XL Bully breed as a “clear and lethal danger” to our communities, particularly our children. She has initiated steps to seek urgent counsel on the potential prohibition of these dogs.

It is noteworthy that tensions escalated between Amy Hobson and the dog’s owner, who allegedly concealed the dog and resisted surrendering it to the authorities for over 24 hours following the attack.

The authority responsible for adding XL Bully dogs to the list of banned breeds falls under the purview of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Swift action is imperative to prevent further heart-wrenching incidents like Luna’s from occurring.


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