Luxury San Francisco Apartments Woo Renters with Lavish Pet Amenities

by Lisa

San Francisco, CA – In a bid to entice renters back to the city, San Francisco’s luxury apartment complexes are pulling out all the stops, and they’re going the extra mile by targeting not just the tenants but their beloved pets as well.

At the magnificent 27-story Chorus SF complex, new residents are treated to an array of lavish amenities, from complimentary Teslas for tenants, a top-tier theater, and a rooftop pool. However, it’s the posh pet perks that are capturing the attention of pet-loving renters.


The pet-friendly facilities at Chorus SF are elevating the standard for Downtown high-rises. A recent tour of the building, led by The Standard, featured a charming chihuahua named Renesmee and showcased the luxurious pet amenities.


In the basement, residents have access to a state-of-the-art “pet spa,” conveniently located near the Teslas available for tenants to transport their canine companions around town. The pet spa is equipped with two professional-grade pet tubs, complete with aprons, shampoo, conditioner, and even a blow dryer for pampered pets. At the front desk, a friendly door attendant welcomes furry guests with an endless supply of treats.


For some off-leash fun, the ninth floor boasts an artificial-grass dog run, providing a space for owners to let their dogs stretch their legs. Chorus SF goes a step further by assisting in arranging dog-walking and pet-sitting services, ensuring that tenants’ furry friends are well cared for.


The surge in pet ownership across the United States during the pandemic has spurred a pet-centric trend in luxury urban apartment complexes and condominiums, particularly in the Bay Area and beyond. These properties are competing to attract affluent tenants with their pet-friendly offerings.

Chorus Sales Manager Olivia Williams, who is also a resident and dog owner, expressed the growing importance of pet-friendly amenities. She stated, “We have tons of dogs, and most of our team has pets.” Williams emphasized that Sentral, the operator of Chorus and similar buildings, ensures that pet amenities, including pet spas and parks, are integrated into their new developments.

Williams noted the shift in pet ownership dynamics, saying, “Before, you could only really have a dog if you had a backyard.”

The Fillmore Center, a multi-building apartment complex in a central location, has embraced this trend by installing three on-site dog parks since early 2020. These parks provide residents with a safe and convenient space to walk their dogs, away from the bustling city streets.

Over in the East Cut neighborhood, a significant investment of $50 million has been allocated for the creation of a 2.4-acre dog park under a Bay Bridge on-ramp near the Salesforce Tower, reflecting the dedication to catering to pet owners in urban living spaces.


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