Teenager Dies from Rabies Two Months After Dog Bite in Ghaziabad, Neighbors Booked

by Lisa

Ghaziabad Police have initiated legal proceedings against four individuals following the tragic death of 14-year-old Shavez, who succumbed to rabies on Monday. The incident dates back to two months ago when Shavez was bitten by a dog.

Residing in Charan Singh Colony within the jurisdiction of Vijay Nagar Police Station in Ghaziabad, Shavez’s case led to the registration of an FIR under IPC sections 289 (negligent conduct concerning an animal) and 304-A (causing death by negligence). The FIR targets four individuals, including members of a neighboring family within the colony and another individual involved in dog welfare.


Simultaneously, the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC) has also taken notice of the situation and issued a notice to the implicated family. The notice highlights concerns about unauthorized dog ownership within the premises, leading to the animals roaming freely in public areas, causing fear of dog bites and rabies among neighbors.


The GMC notice underscores the mandatory registration and vaccination requirements for pet dogs. It demands that the owner provide the registration details of the dogs, warning that non-compliance could result in legal action and a fine of Rs 5000.


Dr. Anuj Kumar Singh, Deputy Chief Veterinary of GMC, reported that a team had visited the accused family, reviewed the vaccination records of the dogs, and found that they have three Pomeranian breed dogs, for which they provided vaccination details. However, the family also kept Indian breed dogs, and it is unclear whether these dogs were registered.


Notably, the dogs in question appear to be in good health. Dr. Singh pointed out the challenge in pinpointing which dog bit the child, as per WHO guidelines, rabies victims typically succumb within a few days. In Shavez’s case, the family stated that the dog bite occurred approximately 45 days prior to his death. A comprehensive investigation is necessary to determine the exact cause of death.

The accused family vehemently denies any wrongdoing, asserting that all their pet dogs have been vaccinated. They contend that they are facing unfair allegations and are being singled out for caring for dogs.


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