Stray Dog Finds His Forever Home After 866 Days at Shelter

by Lisa

A heartwarming tale unfolds as a stray dog named Floyd finally settles into his forever home after a staggering 866 days at the Erie Humane Society in Pennsylvania. This Boxer-Pit Bull mix arrived at the humane society in April 2021, as reported by the Erie-Times News.

Initially picked up by Millcreek Township police as a stray, Floyd was found to be in generally good health but on the slender side. However, his behavior hinted at past mistreatment. Nicole Leone, the executive director of the humane society, noted that Floyd exhibited apprehension when his space was invaded, especially by men. Additionally, he would flinch and hesitate to chase after toys when thrown toward him.


The dedicated team at the humane society went to great lengths to find a forever home for Floyd. After three months of training to prepare him for adoption, Floyd made appearances on local TV, social media, and even graced the red carpet in a tuxedo at the humane society’s Mutt Gala. Regrettably, these efforts failed to yield a new dog parent, and Floyd spent nearly two years in a kennel at the back of the facility, which has upheld a no-kill policy since 2015.


Leone recounted how Floyd would unintentionally thwart meet-and-greet sessions with potential adopters. He had formed strong bonds with several humane society staff members and would ignore visiting families when they entered the room.


Then, Floyd’s luck changed when he crossed paths with Michele.


Michele, a 65-year-old woman who had lost two dogs in the past three years, discovered Floyd through a video shared by a friend who volunteered at the humane society. Despite initially not intending to adopt a dog, Michele decided to meet Floyd and, as she put it, “fell in love with him.”

She began taking Floyd on walks and, in April, offered to be his foster mom. However, when Michele contracted COVID-19, she spent two weeks in close quarters with Floyd and their bond deepened. It was during this period that Michele realized she couldn’t imagine her life without him.

On August 26, Michele officially adopted Floyd, marking 866 days since he first arrived at the shelter. His extended stay made him the longest-tenured resident in the humane society’s history.

Today, Floyd has found a permanent home filled with love, and Michele affectionately calls him her “partner in crime.” This heartwarming story demonstrates the enduring bond between pets and their human companions, offering a testament to the profound impact of adoption.


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