Pet Husky Stolen by Gang of Three in Bengaluru

by Lisa

A distressing incident occurred in Kavala Bhairasandra when a four-year-old husky named Whisky was stolen during her evening walk by a gang of three men on motorcycles. The R.T. Nagar police have taken action on a complaint filed regarding this incident.

Whisky, a friendly and well-behaved dog, was on her regular evening walk in the company of three other dogs, all accompanied by a security guard. It was customary for these dogs to walk without leashes as they would return with the guard without any issues.


Around 9 p.m., while the dogs were strolling, three men on a motorcycle approached the group. In a swift and alarming move, the perpetrators seized Whisky and made a hasty getaway on their bike. The security guard valiantly attempted to halt the thieves and even chased after them while calling for assistance. He subsequently contacted Whisky’s owner, Maheshwar, who promptly rushed to the scene, initiated a search for his beloved pet, and reported the theft to the police.


Desperate to reunite with Whisky, Maheshwar, a sales executive, has offered a ₹1 lakh cash reward for any information that leads to her safe return. He has also circulated an advertisement seeking assistance in locating his missing dog.


Police authorities are currently in possession of CCTV footage from the area and are actively working to enhance the images in hopes of identifying the culprits as well as the motorcycle used in the theft.


Whisky’s owner, Maheshwar, expressed his concern for his pet’s well-being, highlighting that Whisky did not resist or bark when taken by the thieves. He remains committed to bringing her back home safely.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities are urging anyone with relevant information to come forward and assist in resolving this distressing case.


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