Adventurous Elderly Dog Wanders Mountains, Reunites with Owner

by Lisa

Over the weekend, rangers at Poland’s Tatra National Park were surprised to encounter an elderly dog embarking on a solo hiking adventure in the mountains.

The Tatra National Park, nestled along Poland’s southern border with Slovakia, made an urgent plea on Saturday to locate the owner of the wandering canine. They shared an image of the elderly black dog and requested the owner’s contact to facilitate a safe return. “Our forester is already bringing the dog safely,” assured the park.


The dog’s trek took it to the Konracka Pass, known as Kondracka Przełęcz in Polish and Kondratovo sedlo in Slovakian. This pass reaches an elevation of 1,725 meters (5,659 feet) above sea level, winding its way between the mountain peaks of Kopa Kondracka (2,005 meters) and Giewont (1,895 meters). The Konracka Pass is a favored trail among tourists exploring the picturesque Tatra mountains, a renowned tourist destination.


The dog’s origin remained a mystery, but the closest significant town, Zakopane, was approximately two and a half hours’ walk away for humans. The National Park team launched a search for the dog’s owner, hoping to ensure a safe return for the intrepid traveler.


The heartwarming story concluded seven hours after the search began when the National Park announced they had successfully located the owner. In a social media post, the park confirmed, “The dog was safely brought down from the pass, the owner came for him, he is already at his home. We thank all those involved for their help.”


The dog’s owner shared an image of the exhausted but contented pup back in familiar surroundings. The owner disclosed that the dog had ventured away from home the previous day, extending their gratitude to everyone who contributed to the search effort.

While the reason behind the dog’s mountain adventure remains unclear, it’s possible he was merely following tourists, according to the owner. Polsat, a prominent television station, whimsically suggested that the dog might have been “seeking adventure in his old age.”


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