Heartwarming Video Shows Blind Rescue Puppy and Patient Companion at Play

by Lisa

In a heartwarming display of companionship and understanding, a recent TikTok video captures a touching moment between a blind rescue puppy, Sherman, and his canine companion, Wicket. Sarah Elliot, from Calgary, Canada, shared the video, showcasing the special bond between these two furry friends.

Sherman, an almost 9-month-old puppy, was welcomed into the Elliot household in June as a blind rescue. His introduction to the family prompted questions about how his fellow dog, Wicket, would react to his visual impairment.


The TikTok video, which has touched the hearts of viewers worldwide, shows Sherman and Wicket playfully engaging with a soft toy. Wicket demonstrates remarkable patience as she gently places the toy in front of Sherman, allowing him to familiarize himself with its scent. The two pups then engage in a playful tug-of-war, demonstrating their strong connection and adaptability.


Sarah Elliot expressed her admiration for Wicket’s patience and empathy, especially when Sherman occasionally loses his grip on the toy. Instead of seizing the opportunity to claim victory, Wicket waits patiently for Sherman to regain his hold on the toy, exemplifying their heartwarming camaraderie.


The adjustments in their playtime routines reflect the depth of understanding and companionship between Sherman and Wicket. Initially, they played on the floor indoors, but Sherman’s exuberance and large size led to occasional collisions with walls and furniture. To ensure Sherman’s safety, they transitioned to playing on the couch, a testament to Wicket’s protective nature and willingness to accommodate her friend’s disability.


The heartwarming video has resonated with numerous pet owners, many of whom shared similar stories of their visually or hearing-impaired dogs demonstrating resilience and camaraderie.

Sherman, a mastiff mix weighing approximately 100 pounds, has seamlessly integrated into the Elliot family, which also includes an older cat named Toby and two playful kittens, Pork and Beans. Sarah Elliot describes Sherman as a “goofball” with an infectious zest for life, endearing him to everyone he encounters.

Wicket, a spirited one-and-a-half-year-old boxer, complements Sherman’s exuberance with her own playful energy. Elliot fondly describes Wicket as “super goofy” and highlights her enduring bond with Sherman.

Sherman’s arrival has not only brightened the Elliot household but has also had a positive impact on Wicket. Previously experiencing anxiety and insecurity following the loss of their beloved 9-year-old dog, Luna, Wicket has found solace and comfort in Sherman’s companionship. The pair’s close relationship is evident through their shared routines, cuddles, and playful antics.

Sarah Elliot reflects on their remarkable connection, saying, “They seem so close. They cuddle, they play together all the time. They’re so comfortable together. They have their little routine. It’s really special. I think they mesh really well.”

The heartwarming story of Sherman and Wicket serves as a testament to the incredible bonds that can form between our furry friends, transcending barriers and enriching our lives in immeasurable ways.


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