Investigation Launched After Support Dog Bites 6-Year-Old Student at South Coast School

by Lisa

An ongoing investigation is in progress following a distressing incident in which a six-year-old boy was bitten by a support dog at Sanctuary Point Public School on New South Wales’ South Coast.

Blade Fraser sustained facial cuts when he reportedly attempted to embrace the labradoodle, which was present at the school to offer companionship and emotional support to students. The incident transpired on August 22, prompting SafeWork NSW to initiate an investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident.


The dog had been a familiar presence at the school since 2019, providing comfort to students. Blade’s mother, Kellie Kuczynski, received a distressing phone call before lunchtime, notifying her of the incident involving her son and the school’s support dog, Buddy.


Recalling the incident, Ms. Kuczynski recounted that Buddy was on a leash when Blade approached, seeking permission to “cuddle” the dog. In his attempt to embrace Buddy, Blade suffered injuries when the dog reacted unexpectedly.


Blade was initially taken to a medical center to address the facial cuts but was subsequently directed to the emergency department at Shoalhaven Hospital. Ms. Kuczynski described her son as appearing pale and disoriented, with blood staining his shirt collar.


Ms. Kuczynski has criticized the school’s response, asserting that the dog was still on the premises, unleashed, when she arrived. She believes that immediate calls should have been placed to the ambulance, police, and animal control to ensure Blade’s safety and remove the dog from the premises.

An official spokesperson from the Department of Education confirmed that the dog has been permanently removed from the school following the incident. Additionally, reviews and investigations are underway.

The spokesperson expressed the department’s commitment to supporting Blade, his family, and any witnesses involved in the incident. Counseling and assistance have been offered to help them cope with the aftermath of this unfortunate occurrence.


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