Mother and Son Jailed After XL Bully Dog Mauls Child

by Lisa

A mother and son have been sentenced to prison after their XL Bully dog viciously attacked a young boy, resulting in life-changing injuries.

Amanda Young, 49, was caring for her godson in her Bootle apartment when the horrifying incident occurred. Lewis Young, 30, the owner of the XL Bully named Snoop, was absent at work during the attack.


The eight-year-old victim was visiting the flat when the dog, Snoop, launched a ferocious assault, causing catastrophic injuries to the child’s scalp. Despite efforts from neighbors to intervene and stop the attack, the dog inflicted severe harm before being subdued.


The child was rushed to the hospital, where medical professionals described his injuries as life-changing.


Following the incident, Snoop was euthanized at the scene, while the Youngs claimed they were unaware of the dog’s banned status. However, both defendants pleaded guilty to charges related to owning a dangerously out-of-control dog in a public space.


Lewis Young was sentenced to two years in prison, while Amanda Young received a 20-month prison term.

Senior Crown Prosecutor Eve Johnson emphasized the severity of the attack, highlighting the lifelong impact it will have on the victim. She condemned the Youngs’ failure to ensure the legality and control of their dog, underscoring the importance of responsible pet ownership and adherence to breed regulations.


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