Couple Banned from Keeping Animals After Neglecting Dogs

by Lisa

Jake Craven and Megan Findlay have been prohibited from owning animals for seven years after pleading guilty to two offenses under animal welfare laws at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court.

The charges stem from the neglect of three dogs, one of which, named Rex, tragically died from starvation. A veterinarian who examined Rex emphasized that the dog would have endured unnecessary suffering due to inadequate nutrition.


The surviving Staffordshire bull terriers, Coco and Tinker, have since been rehabilitated by the RSPCA and are in the process of being rehomed.


The RSPCA’s involvement began in March 2023 when they visited the couple’s residence, alongside a housing officer, due to breaches of their tenancy agreement. However, subsequent attempts to access the premises were unsuccessful.


In June of the same year, RSPCA inspector Tom Hutton located the couple, who had separated, living on wasteland near the Grand Hotel. Findlay informed the inspector of their homelessness and the death of Rex, whom she had wrapped in a blanket and placed inside their tent.


Inspector Hutton’s statement to the court highlighted the dire condition of the surviving dogs, indicating that they were severely underweight and in need of urgent medical attention.

Findlay, 25, of Victoria Park Avenue, Scarborough, was noted to suffer from psychological issues, including ADHD and anxiety and depression. The court acknowledged that her care of the dogs was “inadequate rather than wicked.”

Craven, 28, of Linnaeus Street, Hull, was described as having “secondary responsibility” for the dogs’ welfare, particularly considering his new relationship status.

As part of their sentencing, both individuals were handed 18-month community orders and directed to complete rehabilitation days. Additionally, Craven was subjected to a curfew.


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