South Gloucestershire Council Approves New Dog Walking Field Proposal in Winterbourne

by Lisa

A change of use application was previously submitted in January to convert existing farmland into a new dog walking field located in Cloisters Road, Winterbourne.

The proposed plans include the installation of a secure fence around the perimeter, the creation of a parking area, and the installation of a sliding gate.


According to the application, dog walking sessions would be pre-booked slots lasting up to a maximum of 55 minutes and would operate within seasonal daylight hours.


It is understood that the use of the paddock would be restricted to one dog owner at a time.


Additionally, existing hedgerows will be reduced to one meter to enhance visibility for drivers.


The applicant highlights that the area is already popular among dog walkers.

A council document states, “This proposal is to provide a private and enclosed dog walking field for use by local residents and dog owners from within South Gloucestershire and the local towns and villages.”

“The use will be limited in scale and will be for pre-booked private dog walkers.”

“There is a demand for private dog exercising where dog walkers can walk their dogs in a safe and secure environment.”

“The use promotes positive mental health and wellbeing of users and their dogs, and it is a unique asset in the community where dog owners can exercise and enjoy the countryside.”

The application received approval from South Gloucestershire Council on Monday, April 29.



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