Pembrokeshire Teen and Her Dogs Set to Compete at International Dog Agility Championship

by Lisa

A promising Pembrokeshire teenager, Harriett Hunt, along with her two skilled canines, is gearing up to showcase their agility prowess on the global stage. The 2024 FitPaws World Agility Open Championships, slated to be held in Ermelo, Holland, from May 15 to 19, will witness Harriett and her dogs representing Team Wales.

Harriett, aged 19, operates The Valley Dog Agility School in Trecwn and has been selected to compete alongside her two faithful companions, Grace and Sylvia. Grace, a collie cross rescued from Greenacres Animal Rescue at the tender age of six months, has been a steadfast partner in Harriett’s agility journey.


Expressing her confidence in Grace, Harriett remarked on the pup’s potential, noting her ideal physique and commendable attitude. This year marks Grace’s third consecutive appearance representing Wales, having clinched medals at both the world championships and the renowned Crufts competition.


Notably, Harriett and Grace secured the overall gold in the juniors section at the 2022 event and added a silver medal for Team Wales last year. Their impressive performance continued at Crufts, where they secured a commendable fourth position in the intermediate height Young Kennel Club (YKC) pairs competition.


Joining Harriett and Grace in the upcoming championship is Sylvia, a five-year-old working sheepdog boasting a striking blue merle coat. Making her debut on the Welsh team, Sylvia has been diligently trained by Harriett in preparation for the rigorous competition, which will feature participation from over 40 countries.


Having qualified with both Grace and Sylvia at the Welsh tryouts earlier this year, Harriett, at just 19 years old, stands as the youngest member of the senior team. With unwavering support from The Valley Dog Agility Training’s clientele and staff, Harriett is primed and eager to represent Wales with her two devoted companions.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the upcoming challenge, Harriett stated, “I am so excited to be on the team again this year. I am honoured to represent Wales and will be giving my best alongside my two dogs.” As the championship draws near, supporters eagerly anticipate witnessing Harriett and her talented canines leave their mark on the international agility stage.


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