Lost Dog Rescued from Quarry Thanks to Persistent Barking

by Lisa

Persistence pays off, especially for Rippy, a mutt who found himself stranded deep within a working rock quarry. When efforts from passersby and even a drone failed to locate the lost dog, it was his incessant barking that ultimately led to his rescue.

According to a social media post recounting the ordeal, rescue workers were drawn to Rippy’s barks, which echoed through the quarry. Despite three days of being missing, Rippy’s determination to make his presence known proved crucial in his eventual retrieval.


The saga began when Rippy, a 30-pound terrier mix, went missing in North Canaan on May 4th. It wasn’t until several days later that a local animal shelter received reports of persistent barking, prompting action to locate the source.


Initially, attempts to locate Rippy using a drone proved unsuccessful. However, when workers at the Specialty Minerals quarry heard the dog’s barks during their lunch break the following day, it became evident that Rippy was still in distress.


Unable to reach the stranded dog themselves, quarry managers enlisted the help of firefighters. A rope team was deployed, rappelling down the quarry’s walls to reach Rippy. After a daring rescue operation, the mutt was safely retrieved.


Reflecting on the incident, North Canaan animal control emphasized the uncertainty surrounding Rippy’s ordeal, noting that he could have been stuck in the quarry since Saturday night. Fortunately, Rippy emerged from the ordeal relatively unscathed, with no serious injuries reported.

Rescue workers highlighted that Rippy’s rescue underscored the recurring issue of animals falling or becoming trapped in the quarry. While some had not been as fortunate as Rippy, his successful retrieval serves as a testament to the dedication and quick response of emergency responders.


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