Governor Noem Faces Scrutiny Over Puppy Controversy and Book Claims

by Lisa

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem faced a heated exchange during an interview on Fox Business Network as questions persist regarding her controversial decision to euthanize her puppy, Cricket, which she disclosed in her recently released memoir “No Going Back.” Originally anticipated as a celebratory occasion for the release of her book on May 7, Noem found herself addressing continued scrutiny surrounding allegations in her memoir and the contentious narrative about her handling of the puppy’s behavior.

During the interview on Tuesday, anchor Stuart Varney pressed Governor Noem on the ongoing controversy surrounding the dog story, citing negative feedback from viewers regarding her candidacy as a potential running mate for former President Trump. Varney noted receiving an influx of emails expressing disapproval, particularly regarding the incident involving Cricket. In response, Noem defended her actions, asserting her responsibility as a mother and grandmother to prioritize the safety of her family and others. She justified her decision to euthanize Cricket as necessary for protecting against what she deemed a dangerous animal.


As the conversation continued to revolve around the dog story, Governor Noem expressed frustration, labeling the interview as “ridiculous” and urging Varney to shift the discussion towards more substantial topics of public concern.


Noem has dismissed claims of embellishment by labeling them as “fake news,” maintaining that her actions were lawful and justified under South Dakota state regulations, which permit the euthanization of dogs displaying aggressive behavior towards livestock.


Similar confrontations ensued during an interview with Newsmax, where anchor Rob Finnerty challenged Governor Noem on the credibility of anecdotes in her book, including a disputed account of a purported encounter with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Finnerty suggested that the controversy surrounding the book had potentially diminished Noem’s viability as a vice-presidential candidate.


Despite Finnerty’s skepticism, Governor Noem refused to divulge further details regarding the alleged meeting with Kim Jong Un, emphasizing the more pressing concerns of average American citizens, such as border security.

These contentious exchanges mark a turbulent period for Governor Noem, who has faced mounting scrutiny over the accuracy and credibility of her memoir’s contents. Responding to the criticism, Ian Fury, chief of communications for Noem’s office, acknowledged minor errors in the book and assured corrective measures were being taken to address inaccuracies.


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