Ipswich Town Player’s Interaction with Fan’s Dog Goes Viral

by Lisa

A pet owner in Ipswich has shared how her dog became a local sensation after an Ipswich Town player was spotted with him during promotion festivities.

Emma Mildwater brought Teddy, her French bulldog and chow-chow mix, to Isaacs on the Quay in celebration of the Blues’ promotion to the Premier League.


A video capturing defender Harry Clarke carrying Teddy has garnered over 90,000 views. Ms. Mildwater expressed delight, saying, “We had a great day at the game, and then to go down and have that happen after, it made our day.”


Joining the revelries at the waterfront bar, Ms. Mildwater and Teddy celebrated Ipswich’s promotion following their 2-0 victory over Huddersfield.


Concerned for Teddy’s safety amidst the crowd, Ms. Mildwater lifted him, catching the attention of Harry Clarke. Clarke invited them down, and upon learning Teddy’s breed, expressed interest as he contemplated getting a chow-chow himself.


While Clarke suggested Teddy join the team for Monday’s open-top bus parade, Ms. Mildwater declined, but acknowledged Teddy’s newfound fame, with strangers recognizing him as “the dog that Harry Clarke had.”

Inspired by Teddy’s popularity, the family created an Instagram page for him, aiming to elevate his celebrity status.

Clarke, a native of Ipswich, has been actively engaging with fans during celebratory events, earning admiration from Ms. Mildwater who praised his enthusiasm and interaction with supporters. She described Clarke’s presence as “absolutely amazing,” emphasizing his positive impact on the community.


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