Spate of Dog Poisonings Raises Concern in East and West Banks

by Lisa

In the neighborhoods of East and West Banks, a series of fatal dog poisonings has stirred alarm over the past week.

The unsettling trend was first noticed when a terrier belonging to contractor Alex Miller exhibited signs of poisoning. Fortunately, prompt medical intervention led to the terrier’s recovery.


Tragically, the same cannot be said for Mr. JT Christie’s retriever, Peter, which succumbed to the effects of poisoning shortly after falling seriously ill.


Mr. Christie’s analysis revealed significant traces of strychnine, echoing similar incidents in the area resulting in the loss of beloved pets.


The Groat expressed deep concern, labeling such incidents as a stain on the community. With the Chief Constable’s dedicated attention, authorities are hopeful that the perpetrators will swiftly face justice.


In other news, Firemaster Weir of Dundee received the Meritorious Medal of the Professional Fire Brigade for his courageous rescue of a seaman from a burning ship. The accolade, presented by Convener Frain, honors not only Weir but also the brigade and the city.

Meanwhile, a blast at Dounreay, though described as minor with no involvement of radioactivity, prompted precautionary measures. Nearby residents were advised to take precautions, including wearing protective gear and securing livestock, as authorities assessed the situation.

In sports, Wick Academy FC faced repercussions for failing to field a complete team in a league match, potentially leading to further penalties and warnings about future participation.

Additionally, the closure of Wick’s coastal radio station marks the end of an era. After 90 years of manned operations, the station shut its doors, succumbing to technological advancements that have reshaped communication methods. Tony Fell, the last operator, reflected on the station’s decline, attributing it to the rise of new technologies.

As Wick Radio bids farewell, its closure symbolizes the changing landscape of maritime communication, leaving behind a legacy of service to seafarers and the community it once served tirelessly.


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