Woman Seriously Injured in Dog Attack in Dumfriesshire

by Lisa

A woman has been hospitalized with serious injuries following an attack by a bulldog-type dog in Dumfriesshire yesterday.

Emergency services responded to the incident on McConnel Street in Kelloholm at approximately 6:25 pm. The victim was swiftly transported to Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary, where her injuries were deemed severe.


Last night, a section of McConnel Street remained cordoned off as police continued their investigation. Authorities stated, “We received a report of a large bulldog-type dog attacking a woman in McConnel Street at around 6:25 pm. Officers are currently present at the scene, and the dog has been safely contained. The public is urged to steer clear of the area.”


This incident has reignited concerns surrounding the ownership of XL bully-type dogs. Holyrood Ministers have faced criticism for their refusal to disclose the number of owners seeking exemptions or opting for euthanasia of their dogs.


In February, initial regulations were implemented banning the breeding and sale of XL bullies, while existing pets must be muzzled in public. The second phase of regulations, scheduled to commence on July 31, will make it unlawful to possess an XL bully without an exemption certificate.


Owners have the option to apply for financial assistance, including £100 to cover euthanasia or veterinary fees and an additional £100 as compensation for their loss. However, the Scottish Government has declined to disclose the number of exemption requests or compensation claims received.

This lack of transparency has raised concerns about public safety, with uncertainty surrounding the prevalence of potentially dangerous XL bully-type dogs. A government spokesperson stated that the data will be revealed after the July 31 deadline.

Reacting to the government’s stance, Tory MSP Jamie Greene commented, “The SNP’s lack of transparency doesn’t surprise me. Public safety has always come secondary in their handling of this issue.”


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