New Mexico Man Missing After Attempting Grand Canyon River Trip with Dog

by Lisa

Concern is mounting for the whereabouts of a New Mexico man who vanished alongside his dog after purportedly embarking on a journey down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon on Sunday.

Thomas L. Robinson, hailing from Santa Fe, has been unaccounted for since he left his champagne-colored 2001 Toyota at Lees Ferry, a common launch site for white water rafting expeditions, within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area on Sunday.


According to the National Park Service (NPS), Robinson, aged 58, is believed to have endeavored to navigate the vast river on a makeshift wooden raft. A photo released by the service depicts a rudimentary raft comprising three patterned wooden planks loosely assembled, accompanied by a paddle and a life vest.


A missing persons inquiry has been initiated, urging anyone with pertinent information to reach out to the Grand Canyon Dispatch Center.


Describing Robinson, the NPS issued a statement identifying him as a 5’10” Caucasian male with brown hair and hazel eyes. His companion on this journey is reported to be an 11-year-old white Welsh Corgi.


The Colorado River, spanning 1,500 miles and ranked as the sixth-longest river in the US, is renowned for its formidable rapids, drawing enthusiasts to engage in white water rafting activities. Originating in the Rocky Mountains, the river widens significantly within its 277-mile stretch through the Grand Canyon National Park, as noted by the park service.

The swift currents of the Colorado River propel its waters from Glen Canyon to Lake Mead in just a matter of days, according to reports by CBS.

Tragically, incidents on the river can turn fatal, as evidenced by an incident last August where a man lost his life while rafting on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. The 38-year-old reportedly fell out of his raft amidst the perilous waters, as detailed by CBS.


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